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Stop Snoring and Have a Good Sleep !!!

After a long working day ,we all want a good sleep at night.we can sleep but if have a problem of snoring,people can’t have a good sleep who are sleeping in our surrounding.They all get disturb at every night.
Snoring is not critical or serious disease.It’s a very common problem nowadays.In medical science’s language we know snoring by the name of Sleep Apnea also.
We all want a good sound sleep as We all work very hard in whole day.But if we do not able to have a good sleep at night,we feel very lazy and slow-going.
Snoring is a problem,which can make you feel shameful and will disturb others also who are sleeping around you.
There is 1 person in 5 who is suffering from the sleep Apnea. It is estimated that there are 45% male and 30% females, who suffer daily with Sleep Apnea.
Sometimes when we snore,we feel difficulty in breathing and if we can’t breath in proper way for 10 seconds,oxygen level goes down in our body.Due to low oxygen level ,We feel weakness,laziness and get irritate even at small small things.
First we have to understand the reasons for snoring.There are several reasons like below –
  • Obesity 
  • Hypertension 
  • Narrow Airways
  • Drugs
  • Nose Problem 
  • Throat Problem 
  • Old age
But now you don’t need to be worry about snoring.As we are going to tell you a simple home remedy which can give you relief from snoring so that you can have a good sleep.
You just need few things for this magical solution –
  • 1/4 lemon 
  • 2 carrots 
  • 1 fresh Ginger 
  • And 2 Apples
Wash all above things properly and mix it in mixer blender.Your medical drink is ready.Have this drink for few days before 2 to 3 hours to Sleep. Soon you will get rid from snoring problem.
Try this magical solution or home remedy and share with others also.After using this drink you can Give us your feedback by leaving a comment in comment box.
We wish you all have a good sleep and a healthy life .

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