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On 31st December, 2013, the two sophomore girls Amie and Sara of College of Applied Sciences were all decked up. Amie got behind the wheels as they drove to the venue in their parents’ old rusty car. Its orange hues quite mingled with the morning sun as they scud along to reach the destination of their six month long journey. It started in June when a couple of students wriggled out of complacency to start a venture GAL – gift a life. The collaborations and the groundwork saw scores of others joining it.

At 7 am, the 100 gals reached the venue armed with a box of condiments. At 8 am, a pair of die was to decide the two key ingredients which will form the epicenter of their innovative dishes. Corresponding to color and the number which appear on throwing a pair of die, two ingredients were allotted to the 50 pairs of GAL members. The catch was these have to be sourced from a farm. The delectable recipe that each pair whips up will be auctioned and the earnings will be used to drive a multitude of social causes of GAL.  The sponsors were doling out prizes as well:  the first prize was a dazzling pair of peek-a –boo red stiletto from a top designer, the second was an organized tour for their loyal bedside buddy –teddy bear (a concept that’s picking up steam) and the third was a cash reward of 5000 bucks.

Amie and Sara zeroed in on Uncle Sam’s farm. He is as much known for his dapper looks- white shirt and quintessential cap as for veggies. Sara found him seated on a bench and informed him that they need two ingredients- red plump tomatoes and honey. They had to wear a special suit to avoid being stung by the honey bee while they ripped off honey. The electric lines overhead dripped water as it began to drizzle. Nearby, a gang of boys were playing football. They thanked Uncle Sam and reached the car only to find a smashed car window- the footwork of one of the boys. With no time to get into a scuffle, they hurried to the venue.

At 8 am, winners were announced. Amie and Sara won the third prize, much needed to repair the car. The auction proved a success. While most of us usher in the new year with alacrity in both making and breaking the New Year resolutions. These young taskmasters welcomed the year with contentment and an unparalleled joy- the joy of giving.

By: Shirohi Govil


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