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Story of glory

imagesThe heights of greatman were not reached by sudden flight,but they while their campanions slept were toiling upward in the night is the quote which suits for people who do hardwork to succeed with winning moments.harini was a hard working girl who spends each and every moment for ganing knowledge and then she spends that knowledge in creative and innovative way in winning competition at different field.but she got real platform after she entered to MBA because it shapens her talent in non technical paper presentation,business plan,article writing,best manager competition,debate on mba related topics,Adzap,business quiz and so on.In small age a child will say that she wants to be a teacher seeing madam teaching subject.

when grown up she will change to be an doctor .but mark did not permits her she will think to be an enginner then also her agony continues to do something for harini join in mba to learn administrative skills to be an Ias officer.As the first step she did social service for the people in need by giving her prize money or interpersonal skills programme she conduct in schools and colleges she helped the needy people and got glory from others by tv and news paper and got glory and credits from public.In other end girls spend the money for shopping and then think harini character and behaviour as an useless way.but that girls are useless because they did not think of others needs and they spend time in gossiping in wechat,hike messenger,line,whatsapp when harini like girls do good for society and got good name from others,if their age was above 30 also they develop angry on her to destroy her feelings and life like that an enemy develop for harini .she was anita who got married but her behaviour is childish she always tease harini in that she developed happiness really anita has digged her hell because still complaining harini she couldn’t able to give birth to an babee such an well known girl she digged hell but her life itself been un happy and incomplete because of no babee.another enemy developed themselves is ammal that lady always says she was not grown as good girl with all qualities but that lady always spend time to spoil the life of other family and she don’t know how to take care of her son and daughter in law .she interfered in the life of her son and separated them like that lady till her death how she can be happy so in telling harini was not with good characterstics her successful moments and gloriful moments from public will salute her and will give words to the people teases her that her food paths is an role model for the youth,many students from the small age follow her to be in great heights like her.but the words of others will not remind for more time because each and every miniute best thing is happening in her life to get in to great heights which others will open their mouth and put their head high to look and get proud.

Failure and downfall been her stepping stone to get the glory from others.hardwork and luck stays with her because of her spiritual back ground she had from small age in that also she shined by giving message then the speech skills bring her name in English elocuation,debate,turn coat,extempore and so on.the blessing of the teachers and elders been an success for her to go to the heights .she finds the talent in her at an district level paper presentation competition where she raised lot of questions in mba which she itself couldn’t believe the talent she had before entering to the course.the deep knowledge in the concepts and the inborn talent not only got success in that competition she proven that in the national level management fest conducted at Chennai that she received first prize and also in the research paper contest she received 2nd prize after that in business plan she hesitated whether she could get success but in that also proven the talent is the deep root knowledge she got in Total quality management subject and principle of management subject which she learned in ug.then the staff taught her that subject only given the interest in her about mba which made her to think to join in the course.then her leadership qualities and decision making skills been the major strength for her to get success in best manager competition then the problem solving skills made her to give counselling for students who were dull in studies and were wasting the youthful days in wrong conduct,wrong behaviour,wrong decision about their career.then the interpersonal skills she got in mba made her to give seminars for many school and college students.the inborn skills made her to take HR as elective and in that she bagged prize in article writing as star article writer and she proven her talent.each and every subject she learned with interest by gathering points for business news papers and magazines for her semester exams as well as in mba related is a course which bought her glory and made her college gone out of tamilnadu like Mumbai,pune,banglore and so on in the top management institution hear it.she also got glory in her name is the talent she got from the administration course the knowledge she gained from the each subject in the course.

Then the glory had continued in setting her career because in this generation just joining with an ug degree will not provide an good job.but pg with mba will gain good job also it create good name in many software or many other related fields also it been compulsory and need for an individual to learn an mba related course to get high salary or promotion or to know the administration related things in detail for the job to be done in efficient manner at private sector.In government sector to be in high level like IAS,IPS,IRS and so on also it been an necessary one to learn to administrate an given district by an intelligent way.Emotional intelligent is necessary which will be developed in person who know the key note of success because he knows that in an individual emotional intelligent should be 20% and intelligent should be 80% to be successful by gaining glory and appreciation from others by the credits we got by our successful position.we can not comment success but success often command to those who dare and act.while we dare and act glory begins.

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