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Strategic Agility through Intelligence

The ruling metaphor to describe the current business climate is turbulence.Technologies change constantly and quickly.globalisation brings unforeseen and non traditional competition and customer demands and preferences become unpredictable.In addition unstable governments and fickle regulatory policies and changing patternms of labour migrations combine with the threat of employee attribution .Turblent business climates challenge some of the fundamental assumptions we make about risk and strategy.typically we believed that the goal of strategy was to arrive at a plan to perform a set of actions in a future that was uncertain.The problem of strategy is encapsulated in the word “uncertain”.Till now we used to think that the world was predictably unceratain that is that we knew the world was changing but changing in a predictable way so we assumed that we could track the trend of the changing world and use judgement and analytical tools to come up with a plan of action.adaptability and resilence are written into the human DNA-the history of human survival is replete with large and small instances of resourcefulness and agility.Intelligence is usually the driver of adaptability and gains its value in times of uncertainity.Building on the multiple intelligence theory and applying it to organizational contexts we found that most successful companies have five different  intelligences that they use as appropriate to context.Analytical intelligence allows a company to change means and methods of analysis.for instance a company can adopt to and exploit new tax regulations to gain competitive advantage because it has analytical intelligence or depending on the kind of project it can adopt different budget justification process.Operational Intelligence helps the company gain dynamism through its operational resources.Examples of this are seen in flexible production systems,supply chain flexibility or dynamic collaborative arrangements.Inventive intelligence enables the generation of new ideas ,creative solutions and alternative uses of resources to solve problems the company has not seen before or to take advantage of new opportunities the company faces.communicative intelligence is the intelligence disrupt society.the visionary intelligence adds that counter balance.Instead of the organization being knowledge based we now think of it as being intelligence driven the kind of organization that dynamically and appropriately uses and recombines resources acquires new ones or even sometimes to continuously generate competitive advantage in changing business contexts.All you can do is to give yourself the capacity to respond to the only certainity in life which is uncertainity.The creation of that capability is the purpose of strategy.we are now operating in areas where we see deep uncertainity .further the challenge is that a company dealing with all three types of situations –risk,uncertainity and deep uncertainity may have to create different strategies to address them.we assumed that we could track the trend of the changing world and use judgement and analytical tools to come up with a plan of action.this assumption is under severe threat today.Bears are companies that are rich in resources and capabilities but are not agile.How ever,they are context sensitive and become aware that they can not compete in the changed business climate. So they go into hibernation in the winter to re-emerge when condition suit their resources.

By: Anusha vinolin

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