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Striking A Balance Between Paid And Organic Marketing

Every business, regardless of the industry it operates in, has one basic aim: to generate a profit. For profits to be maximized, the business needs to have a very effective marketing strategy in place that will not only attract new customers, but retain existing ones as well. In order for your marketing efforts to be as effective as possible, it is essential to strike a balance between organic and paid marketing elements. While this may seem like a complicated and stressful mission to embark on, it can be achieved with relative ease if a few basic guidelines are followed.
Establish the purpose of all your marketing channels
With both organic and paid marketing having pros and cons, it is essential that the purpose of all your marketing channels is established. There is no denying that paid marketing boasts a range of very strong targeting options. On its own, however, it does not typically allow a marketer to optimize ROI that can be generated through structured marketing efforts. Organic marketing can be just as powerful a tool, and is known to be superb at building community. Although more effort typically goes into optimizing organic efforts, the conversations that surround organic marketing are typically considerably deeper. In order to maximize your overall efforts, both paid and organic marketing needs to be integrated into the main marketing strategy.
Leverage paid searches and discover organic keywords
When utilized correctly, paid keywords can be used with great success as a component of an organic marketing strategy. If a paid ad you’re running is performing exceptionally well, attempt to use the same keywords on the organic search section of the page too. Through effective Google Adwords management, a business can swiftly drive traffic to their website. Adwords has a myriad of data available that will make it possible to sort through your various pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to determine what is working and what isn’t. You will be provided with valuable insight into what prospective clients are searching for that matches your product/service offerings.
Take note of audience behaviors
One of the simplest and most effective ways to combine and strike a balance between paid and organic marketing is to analyze the behavior of your target audience. In fact, such an analysis can very clearly point out the areas where you should focus your paid marketing, and where it would be a waste of money. Once the analysis is completed, the behaviors can be prioritized and grouped into two categories:  behaviors with high motivations for organic content, and behaviors with low motivation for paid content. By making use of this strategy you will be able to accurately gauge what behaviors need to be boosted with paid marketing efforts, and which benefit sufficiently from organic reach.
Both organic and paid marketing can be utilized with great success to increase ROI. With just a bit of effort, both elements can be combined to develop an effective and robust marketing strategy.

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