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Stubble burning season is back and here’s what you need to do

Every year in the months of October and November there is a haze over most parts of northern India, particularly Delhi-NCR. The situation worsens when the slow wind keeps the haze hanging over the region. The main cause of it is the unabated stubble burnings in Punjab, Haryana and Pakistan’s Punjab region. While central as well as state governments have taken a number of steps, including the Delhi government’s odd-even scheme, to tackle the situation but the steps have failed to yield many results. It is only obvious that this spike in pollution does not remain confined to the outdoors, but hampers the air quality in homes and offices as well.

Adding to the woes is a pandemic that has held the mankind hostage. The need of the hour is to stay aloof from the political bickering and work towards making our surroundings safer rather than waiting for governments to act. There are a number of ways to ensure that our homes and offices have minimal impact of the surging pollution levels and here we discuss four such easy and effective steps we must take:

Natural Air Purification with Plants:

There can’t be a better healer than Mother Nature. Studies by reputed institutions have established that there are a few plants that function as natural air purifiers and can help check the menace to a great extent. One such plant is Areca Palm aka Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens that absorbs Carbon Dioxide in the air and turns it back into Oxygen. Additionally, it helps remove certain pollutants from the air. The other plant for the purpose is Sansevieria Trifasciata, popularly known as Mother-in-Law Tongue or Snake Plant, which produces Oxygen at night and removes Benzene from the air.

Air Purifiers with Advanced Technology:

An air purifier was once perceived as a luxurious commodity, but in the prevailing environmental conditions, they have turned out to be nothing short of a basic amenity. There is, however, much possibility that we end up choosing a purifier that does not address the issue. You need to opt for the one that offers the most advanced technology and moreover, a comprehensive air cleaning solution, especially in the wake of the stubble burning. The two most-effective technologies available today are EGAPA and Air Multiplier Technology, offered by cleantech firms AirOK and Dyson, respectively. While Dyson’s technology claims to capture 99.95% of harmful pollutants as small as 0.1 microns, AirOK’s patented EGAPA filter are made of media that can absorb CO2 along with other acidic gases.

Work from Home:

The prolonged stringent lockdown triggered by the pandemic has made working from home a new normal for all. Companies no more shy away from letting employees carry out their professional duties from the comfort of home. Currently, when we are in the unlock phase, many companies have resumed their functioning from office spaces. But considering the possibility of surging air pollution due to stubble burning, won’t it be logical to just continue with the WFH practice? This will cut down on pollution at various levels, such as vehicular pollution and centralized office air conditioning. Further, it would let people stay safer without the cumbersome task of braving the hazardous pollution during office commute.


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