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Style Up with Tracks

The mobility and comfort of a pair of tracks cannot be topped by any other garment. Built for agility, we all enjoy chilling in our favourite tracks as the stitching and shape compliment basic human movements. Traditionally track pants were made for specific purposes, whether it is exercising or sports, but now they have become an essential part of contemporary street fashion. This means you can lounge lazily in them guilt-free, and try them out with different combinations.

The Urban Portrait

Track pants are for errands. They are for a trip to the gym or a jaunt down the neighbourhood café to catch up with friends. Steer clear from throwing them on for a more formal occasion. When buying the perfect pair of track pants,look for soft fabrics, darker colours and loose mobile fits that still retain the shape of your lower body. A pair of cotton sweatpants can be combined with a graphic tee and a nice pair of sneakers for a casual look. Mix your favourite pair with crispy tees and top-shelf footwear, so your track pants come across as a fashion statement rather than just a lazy choice of clothing. From synthetics to cotton blends, there is a wide range of material to choose from.

Different Styles

There are many styles of tracks for men. Retro styled tracks with lines that add an aerodynamic design are a good option, and casual joggers are pretty much the rage everywhere nowadays. Regular fit tracks are great for your workouts and can also be worn for everyday casual scenarios. You can opt for ones that taper at the bottom for a tight fitting look or go for regular width bottoms. Dark shades go with most clothes, but you can choose vibrant colours to celebrate the season or to flaunt your personal style.

Hats On

Whether it is a flat brim baseball hat, the emblem of swag nowadays or more retro style caps, hats are a good addition to your laid-back but well thought out track pants look. Put on some shades for a compete look, especially on hot and bright summery days. Whatever you do, keep it simple. The hallmark of styles involving track pants is that they look effortless, don’t spoil it by trying too hard.

Keep it Agile

Track pants are made best by those who know athletics and the movements that the pants support. Tofind tracks with rugged stitching and sleek styles you are better off looking through established brands like the Puma brand store on abofrather than generic apparel shops. Add a whole wardrobe around your track pants with some sporty tees, the alternative to graphic and retro and some flashy sneakers. Hi-tops never go out of style, are comfortable and showcase a variety of designs and colours. Whether lean or chunky depends on your choice, as long as they fit in with the rest.

From a strictly sports based apparel, tracks for men have become re-invented as the symbol of a mobile and casual generation that celebrates the urban landscape around them through edgy and non-formal street fashion. Your go-to comfort apparel is now a statement, explore the possibilities at abof and pick a pair which defines your personality.

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