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Success now has two new fragrances

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Denver, the leading brand in Males Grooming Industry has added two new perfumes to its Hamilton series of Eau De Parfums named Denver Arcane and Denver Insight.

The series of Eau De Parfum has the notes which spell success and exudes a masculine aroma of enigma, luxury and aristocracy.

Denver Arcane has Denver’s signature classic dark fragrance and has the opening notes of fresh and spicy, flawlessly complemented by a rich base comprising a blend of Patchouli and Sandal with a hint of Amber and Vanilla; leaving you with a smell of masculinity all day long.

You can also choose to go with the other side of success with Denver Insight which evokes a feeling of self-confidence, leaving you with a desire to be the centre of attention. This perfume is created with all the exotic opening notes of Bergamot and Sparkling Citrus wrapped in the middle by Geranium and Lavender. The most commanding base note, garnished with Musk, Amber, and Sandal.

The packaging is tactfully designed to say that these perfumes are meant for the modern young men. Arcane comes in a graceful snowy white bottle hinting at the subtle aroma that is about to flood your senses. The other variant, Insight comes packed in a Raven black bottle inviting you to all things regal about this perfume.

Arcane and Insight are the perfumes perfected by passionate exploration of the world of perfumes. The ingredients were chosen after an in-depth research and meticulous testing and were sourced from the best places across the globe. This has ensured that every drop that lands on you is pure unadulterated mastery.

All it takes is one whiff of these perfumes to enthrell you with their perfect blend of seductive notes and make you believe that Denver is the go-to brand if you are looking for a perfect premium perfume.

Denver Arcane & Denver Insight Eau De Parfum are available at all leading departmental stores and major E-Commerce websites for a price of Rs.499/- for the 100-ml of bottle.

Head into the world; let the rich and musky Denver speak for you!

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