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Sunglasses: The Hottest and Trendiest Pairs You Can Sport


We all tend to relate sunglasses with hot summers but trust us; one can flaunt shades even in winter months. Put on a pair of sexy sunglasses with your favorite outfit and automatically amp up your style quotient. Based on the street style and runway based trends, we have curated a reliable list of hottest pair of sunglasses that you can sport this year.

1-Tinted Lens:

One among the major trends this year is the tinted lens sunglasses. These glasses range from the glorious pastels such as burnt orange and pink to summery shades of sunshine yellow and light blue. They can be paired according to the color of your outfit. Thin frames of metal in various shapes and sizes make them an absolute favorite among the fashionistas.

2-Oversized Round Aviators:

Here, the word oversized suggests sunglasses that are bigger and better with amped up glamour quotient. For quite some time, the trend was lost to the present generation. But these few years, the trend bounced back to fashion for both men as well as women. A pair comprised of the retro look can easily take your plain boring outfit from no to a big “Yes”. So, get yourself this amazing pair to showcase that 70s badass look.

3-Angular Cat-Eye:

Cat eye sunglasses have always been in trend. However, with changes in the fashion trends, this particular style element has been modified as per requirement. Cat eye sunglasses of the recent have been changed to introduce an angular form to the same. These angular cat eye sunglasses now come with more elegance, class, and clean lines. These sunglasses are very easy when it comes to matching the same with fancy outfits. So make sure you get this pair for yourself because it might become your favorite.

4-Skinny Sunglasses of 90s:

From Gigi to RiRi and even Kendall Jenner, each diva has been seen wearing these skinny sunglasses inspired from the 90s. This particular style option is great for fancy events as well as outing with friends. The skinny sunglasses essentially serve as the staple style option for the ones that are fashion savvy. So make sure you bring them home as long as they are hot in the market. To bring in a 90s vintage vibe, make sure you pitch in for a clean, dark lens with a silhouette that is slightly upswept.

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