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Supercop KPS Gill, credited with Black Thunder II, is no more

An era has ended, as supercop KPS Gill passed away in Delhi after suffering a cardiac arrest. He was 82. Gill had developed serious complications such as end stage kidney failure and significant Ischemic Heart Disease and he was admitted to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Dr. Rana who was treating Gill at the hospital said that Gill was showing signs of recovery from peritonitis, but he experienced a sudden cardiac arrest and died due to cardiac arrhythmia. It may be recalled that Gill had been the DGP in Punjab for two terms and had retired from police duty in 1995. However, he continued to work in other fields such as leading the Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) as its president.

Gill had made waves at the time of insurgency on Punjab by taking strict action against Khalistani terrorists. He was termed as the supercop since he was majorly responsible for winning the fight against militancy in Punjab. One of the major operations he conducted was Black Thunder II, in which Gill utilized brute force to flush out militants who were hiding inside the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Operation Black Thunder II was conducted in May 1988. Gill had used snipers to good effect in the operation, which severely dented the confidence of militants and forced them to surrender. Gill was awarded the Padma Shri in 1989, which is India’s fourth-highest civilian honor.

Many top leaders and personalities including Prime Minister Narendra Modi have expressed their condolences at Gill’s demise.

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