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Supply Industry Auditing: Improve Performance, Capability and Quality Standards

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In this highly competitive world, it is important for your supply chain business to build a base of vendor partners that can meet your production requirements, like design and quality, and requirements for product delivery. Continuous evaluation using supply audits and factory audits are the important component of the evaluation process.

The important factors ProQC consider while auditing supply industries are policies, procedures, records, and facilities. It verifies the ability to both supplier and buyer to deliver an excellent quality product over a period of time, rather than at a given time or for selected products.

Here are some of the important areas and processes which are looked upon by ProQC include:

  • Process Control
  • Personnel
  • Facilitating Conditions
  • Product Control
  • Quality Check on Manufacturing Practices
  • Quality Check on Management System   

The audit in the supply industry will provide you with the complete analysis of the pros & cons, and condition of supplier company. With the audit, it will make it a lot easier to understand your company needs to improve in order to meet the requirements of the client.

Whenever you select the new buyer, the audit will reduce the number of buyers to manageable levels and improves the overall performance. Moreover, the audits in the supply industry will offer an effective way to improve the existing process at a less cost.

  • Experienced and Professional Auditors    

Auditors at ProQC are trained well on various auditing techniques, report writing, integrity & ethics, and quality practices. Moreover, all types of training and testing are done to update the skills according to the continuously changing industry standards.

  • More Assessments  

In many scenarios, we have trained our auditing staff to conduct more assessments and audits. It includes:

  • Environmental Check
  • Social Compliance
  • Security Audits
  • Looking at Technical Capability
  • Looking at Production Capability
  • Strong Ethics Program and Integrity

ProQC follows strict ethical standards because of their industry-recognized reputation. Moreover, they maintain their integrity program and active training which is separately managed by the dedicated integrity compliance team.

This helps in reducing the risks of corruptions and helps in educating factories auditors, and clients about integrity policy expectations, practices, and policies.

  • Use of Best Practices

ProQC provides supply audits to a large number of supply companies worldwide. This has allowed us to develop world-class supply audit and use better evaluation practices that can save your time and money in selecting supply companies. This will give you an option to include more assessments that adds value and can be beneficial for both us and the suppliers.

If you are looking for third party auditing, contact ProQC. We have a team of skilled and dedicated third party auditors which we recruit after rigorous interviews and skill test. Our auditors are well trained in different aspects and techniques of third party auditing in order to ensure best quality control servicesas per the specific business needs. Not only this, we provide services at highly competitive prices. So what are you waiting for? Choose ProQC solutions and get advanced and optimum quality solutions at affordable prices.

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