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Supreme Court adopts increased transparency; to post important decision and reasons on website

Till now, the Supreme Court Collegium had remained a highly secretive organization and it often had valid reasons for its secrecy. However, with the recent protests related to the resignation of Karnataka High Court judge Jayant Patel, it appears that the apex judicial body is making efforts to increase transparency. The Supreme Court Collegium today announced that henceforth, it will be posting all important updates and decisions on its website. The things that will be posted on the court’s website will include information about appointment, promotion and transfer of judges. The court believes that the move will help improve transparency and reduce the possibility of controversies. Already, senior lawyer Dave had alleged during a talk show on NDTV that the top court is pro-government, which is a serious charge. Bringing in transparency will help avoid such damaging and disparaging accusations.

The Supreme Court Collegium said that the new rules will increase transparency without affecting the confidentially of the judicial process. The reasons for certain decision will also be uploaded on the court’s website. The court has already started uploading information on its website and one of the first things to be posted is information about the appointment of three Judicial Officers and one Judicial Member of Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) as Judge of the Madras High Court. Activists have welcomed this recent move by the Supreme Court, as they believe it will help improve credibility of decisions taken by the Collegium.

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