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Supreme Court approves use of Aadhaar for social benefit schemes

In yet another victory for the central government, the Supreme Court today approved the use of Aadhaar for social benefit schemes such as mid-day meals. This comes after the earlier order of Supreme Court wherein the top court had approved the mandatory linking of PAN with Aadhaar for filing income tax returns. The Supreme Court was hearing a petition today that had sought a stay on Aadhaar linking for social benefit schemes. The petition had expressed concerns that the mandatory linking of Aadhaar for social benefits schemes such as mid-day meals would deprive students of their meals. However, the court said that such concerns are mere speculations and court orders cannot be passed on speculation. The court also said that there was enough time available and there was no urgency to order a stay on the Aadhaar linking.

“No order can be passed just on the basis of apprehension. The Centre has also extended the date from 30 June to 30 September and there is no urgency,” the court said. It may be recalled that Aadhaar will now be mandatory for several social benefit schemes such as scholarships, admissions, domestic air travel, application for cellphone numbers, etc.

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