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Supreme Court facing its worst crisis ever; rejects plea seeking SIT probe

With contradictory judgments being passed by the Supreme Court in the past few days, the country’s highest and the most trusted institution has come under the scanner. However, the problem may not be with the judges. The problem has actually been created by some lawyers, who had filed the same case with different judges, which in turn has created confusion and contradictory judgments. This is referred to as “forum Shopping” and it is a method that lawyers use to get a favorable judgment. Today, the Supreme Court rejected a plea filed by lawyer Kamini Jaiswal, which had sought a SIT probe into the allegations that Lucknow-based Prasad Education Trust was involved in influencing High Court judges.

While rejecting the plea, the Supreme Court bench said that the name of any judge was not mentioned by the CBI during its investigation. The court also pointed out that judges cannot be directly charged as per law. The court said that the petition was assuming that judges are corrupt, which is a wrong assumption to make and was in fact contemptuous in nature. However, the court did not initiate contempt proceedings against lawyer Kamini Jaiswal who had filed the plea. The court expressed its disappointment over the recent developments and said that the damage has been done to the institution. The court was refereeing to the unnecessary doubts that have been raised about the integrity of the top court.

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