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Supreme Court makes it easier for middle class and poor to get legal aid

By lunching the Middle Income Group Scheme, the Supreme Court has now made it easier for middle income group and poor people to get legal aid. The scheme is self-supporting and is applicable to anyone whose gross income is not more than Rs 60,000 per month or Rs 7,50,000 per annum. If such a person requires legal aid, they just need to deposit a sum of Rs 500 with the Supreme Court Middle Income Group Legal Aid Society. A stipulated fee also needs to be paid, as applicable under the scheme.

Once this is done, the case will be registered under the MIG Legal Aid Scheme. It will then be submitted to Advocate-on-Record/Arguing Counsel/Senior Counsel to seek their inputs on the case. If the panel thinks that the case is appropriate, then the person will be considered eligible for legal aid. The panel’s decision will be final in deciding whether or not the applicant is eligible for legal aid under the scheme.

This is a welcome step from Supreme Court, as previously many people had avoided fighting cases in the Supreme Court due to the high cost of litigation. Now, the common man and the poor can hope to get justice by availing the legal aid scheme launched by the Supreme Court.

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