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Supreme Court raises surrogacy hopes for single persons

In a development that has raised surrogacy hopes for single persons, the Supreme Court has allowed a representation to be made before the committee regarding a specific provision that will allow single persons to become parents through surrogacy. It may be recalled that the draft Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2016 only allows surrogacy in case of infertile and legally wedded Indian couples. The bill is currently being evaluated by a Parliamentary Standing Committee. The Supreme Court will forward the representation to the office of the Solicitor General of India, who in turn, will pass it on to the legislative panel for consideration.

The draft bill does not provide surrogacy options to single women or men, gay or lesbian couples, etc. The option of surrogacy is provided only for childless Indian married couple. The primary purpose of the new surrogacy bill is to create a regulatory structure at the central and state level. It will involve the constitution of a National Surrogacy Board, State Surrogacy Board and appointment of authorities for regulation of practice and process of surrogacy.

It remains to be seen if the government will allow single persons to take the surrogacy route. If yes, then there will be more delighted people like filmmaker Karan Johar, who recently became a father to twins through surrogacy.

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