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Surabhi Verma’s latest book ‘And She Quit Her Job’ is relevant read  amid Pandemic  

Surabhi Verma, Author of ‘And she quit her job’ talks about creating your own business and being your own boss. Especially in the time of Pandemic when the entire world has become digital this book can be a relevant read. The book emphasises on how freelancing can be a great option.

The book shares wisdom on how to equip yourself to work on your own terms.

Ms. Verma shares her insight about the book “The book is something to look forward amid Pandemic. In times where people are losing their jobs, they are scared of not getting paid the salaries for the work they have been putting in, the book can act as catalyst for growth to them”

Furthermore, She adds “Sometimes we just need an idea and a roadmap to make the idea fruitful; the book is that roadmap to success. Making money while sitting at home is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if one has basic writing skills, you can do wonders with it”

The book helps in building a freelance career from the scratch and that is the need of the hour in the post- pandemic world. The book also talks about being your own boss and that its a benchmark which is attainable given that the right amount of work is needed to achieve the goal.

Surabhi Verma who is now an Entrepreneur herself quit her job when she was just 25 and she decided to write her debut book ‘And She Quit Her Job’. Published in 2018, the book serves as a handbook for people who want to go ahead and be freelancers and work on their own terms. Under her company, The Inception Media, that she set up in 2019, Surabhi has worked with world-renowned clients who are billionaires, CEOs, life coaches, athletes and celebrities. Her end-goal is to create content in any form that sparks a positive change

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