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Susmita Gupta Launched her novel “To Love that knows no bounds”

Author Susmita Gupta Launched her debut novel titled “ To love that knows no bounds”. The story is around a strong feeling for someone you truly love that seems to have no boundaries. The story revolves around the lives of the protagonist Karan and Shilpa. The protagonists  Shilpa and Karan are dramatically different from each other. Shilpa is an epitome of beauty with brains”. Besides being beautiful she is trustworthy, empathetic, strong, and a kindhearted established lady whereas  Karan is an affluent handsome eligible bachelor and a smart businessman. Besides being handsome he is a heartthrob for almost all the women around.

They are different and unique in themselves. But one question definitely arises: whether destiny will unite these different couples? This is an epic tale of love and friendship accompanied with rumour and jealousy and the turning point is to find out whether the universe conspires in their favour.

The author is also a motivational speaker. She has successfully worked towards transpiring a million souls amid the rough time in 2020 by sharing her own life experiences as she always considers “nothing can be more inspirational than our life itself”. She took inspiration from them and found her own paths which lead her to becoming an author.

Susmita, being an inspiration to many upcoming writers, is all set to release her next novel in early June 2021 based on LIFE which is more inspirational than ever.

Her recently released romantic fiction short the story “Was It Love or Lust?” on Amazon Kindle was the fastest-selling amongst the short stories collection in the category of contemporary fiction.

The Author is a Human Resources Professional with an MBA degree. She is skilled in Banking, Accounting, Public speaking, Administration , and Management with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising Industry currently employed in a Multinational Company in Delhi NCR being born and brought up in West Bengal


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