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Syrian Army captures Aleppo

syrian-army-captures-aleppoSyrian President Bashar Al Assad and his armed forces have won a major victory by recapturing a major Syrian city Aleppo. This is his first major victory in the 6 year long civil war that has engulfed the country.

Syria was under attack from rebels backed by the US and the ISIS, which is believed to be funded by the Americans. Syrian President Bashar Al Assad was isolated in this war for a long time, until he was supported by the Russian Premier Vladimir Putin, Turkish troops and the Iranian militia. This is a major development for Bashar Al Assad who has been under attack for a long time. The ancient city of Aleppo had been controlled by rebels and Islamic terrorists since 2012 and this victory marks a major shift in the power equations of the middle east.

Bashar Al Assad thanked the contribution, determination and the sacrifice of the armed forces, who have been fighting a tough battle with very limited resources. They have faced a tough opponent with very limited resources and intelligence. He also thanked the Russian forces for the support that they have been providing. He underscored that this was a major victory for the democratic forces in the battle against the Islamic terrorists and their supporters who have been waging a war against the innocents. The war has displaced over tens of millions of people and rendered many more dead and injured. The war is not yet over, but victory was in sight. The enemies of Syria will be banished and the sufferings of the Syrian people would be avenged.

Many people feel that Bashar Al Assad has turned out to be a very courageous leader who had been besieged from all sides. Many leaders believed that he would leave the country and try to control the situation from a safe country, but he did not do so, but infact chose to stay back and fight. This earned him the respect of his countrymen and let him stay in charge. The battle may be won, but the war is not over.

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