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Taiwan to become first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriages

After the top court in Taipei today ruled in favor of legalizing same-sex marriages, it has paved the way for Taiwan to become the first Asian country to allow same-sex marriages. The court’s verdict also boosts the country’s status as a beacon of hope for LGBT rights. Taiwan’s top court found that the country’s Civil Code violates constitutional guarantees, as it only allows marriages between a man and a woman. The court has now asked the Taiwan government to make appropriate changes in the Civil Code to allow gay marriages. This change has to be implemented within 2 years, as per the order given by the court.

The judgment by Taiwan’s top court is being considered a great victory for the country’s LGBT activists, who have struggled for several years to get legal sanction for their relationships with same-sex partners. Some described it as a milestone for Taiwan, whereas others said that it’s a great moment to see Taiwan taking the lead in Asia in terms of LGBT rights. Some also said that it would have the right impact on other Asian countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, China, etc. where same-sex relationships are banned. One reason for Taiwan’s open approach is that the country has a diverse cultural background comprising local people and Dutch and Japanese immigrants.

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