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Taj Mahal scene hots up after Hindu Yuva Vahini chants Shiva Chalisa on Taj Premises

The recent controversy related to Taj Mahal got intense today after some youths from Hindu right wing organizations recited Shiva Chalisa on the premises of Taj Mahal. The youths did so since many Hindu organizations believe that the site of Taj Mahal was originally a Shiva temple. It is alleged that the Shiva temple was destroyed and the Taj Mahal was constructed over it. It is said that this was done at the time of the Mughal Empire. The youth who chanted Shiva Chalisa belonged to the Rashtra Swabhimaan Dal (RSD) and Hindu Yuva Vahini (HYV). However, the CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) was quick to react to the potentially volatile situation and it detained the youths and whisked them away. The youths were later released after they submitted a written apology.

The controversy over Taj Mahal has increased in recent times, with many right wing leaders alleging that Taj Mahal was built by people who targeted and persecuted Hindus. However, such statements have been opposed by the liberals. Deepak Sharma of RSD said that they were protesting for the right reasons since it was a fact that a Shiva temple was demolished to build the Taj Mahal. He said that they agreed to write an apology since chanting of Shiva Chalisa is banned inside the Taj Mahal by the Supreme Court. Sharma said that they respected the decisions of the Supreme Court and had not intended to hurt the religious sentiments of a particular community. He said that his organization will take the legal route by filing a petition in the Supreme Court to allow chanting of Shiva Chalisa in Taj Mahal.

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