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Taj Mahal used as bait to force Bengal teens into prostitution

The world famous, enthralling Taj Mahal is often called the monument of love, but who would have known that it would one day be used as bait to force innocent teenage girls into the flesh trade. It’s happening now, and it was revealed when a group of Muslim teenage girls was rescued by authorities. The girls belonged to the tribal Sunderbans area, and they were being held captive by a prostitution syndicate. The modus operandi involved was to promise the girls a tour of the magnificent Taj Mahal and then when they reached Agra, they were forced into prostitution. Since the girls thought it would be a dream trip for them, they did not inform their families about the trip. All the girls were in the age group of 17 to 19 years.

Their journey started in a bus, which took them to Sealdah railway station in Kolkata. From there, they were taken to Delhi, then Ghaziabad and finally dropped at Agra’s red-light area of Kashmiri Bazaar. When the girls protested and asked where was the Taj Mahal, they received a mocking reply, “This is your Taj Mahal. You have been sold. Be prepared to live all your life here now.” The girls were brutally tortured and made to live in foul-smelling bunkers and tunnels in the brothel before they were rescued. The police have arrested 13 people in connection with the case till now including the lady brothel owner, Meena.

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