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Take Care of Your Kids Oral Health during COVID-19

The present COVID-19 situation will have children to stay at home for a long time than it had been expected. It is becoming almost impossible for parents to entertain their children at home and sometimes we need to be really creative and the same is applicable to take proper care of your teeth when you do not follow normal routine. Read on to know 4 easy suggestions to keep their teeth and gums strong and healthy.

1. Do not overeat with sweet tooth – Almost all kids love to eat sweets and this will probably be much more the case when they get bored of sitting at home and cannot meet their friends. Though it is extremely important to look after mental well-being of your children, you should also not allow them to overeat anything. They can also have occasional treats but make sure you restrict the amount of sugary foods in their diet. Eating too much sugar will lead to tooth decay and other serious dental problems in future.

In case you feel bored, try to think of something creative based on what you know they like, whether that be dragons or mermaids. Dressing up or colouring competitions can be of great fun and you can take part in them too. You may give sweets as a reward for such activities that will make them feel encouraged to participate in such events and overcome their boredom in this time period.

2. Add your own ‘schooling’ – Many children like to set some work during this lockdown. This seems to be a great opportunity for adding “lessons” on your own in matters of practicality. It can help them to spend some time that is probably too much for this moment. You can teach them to cook basic meals or bake cake and even educate them a little about health matters including oral care and emergency dental treatment in London.

You will find different videos on dental education that are actually appropriate for children which you can use. You can even set them competitions or quizzes and this will guide them towards having healthier and stronger teeth and gums in life.

3. Kids should clean their teeth properly – Everyone is out from their normal routine life, as of now. So, you will have to take every effort to clean your teeth properly even though you are not working and this goes the same for children too. As they are used to brush at a specific time, it is suggested that they continue with their routine habits during this phase.

You may ask them to develop a new routine that will fit with the present reality. Perhaps, make it a point to brush their teeth before they begin with their play time or school work. It is advised to guide children and see if they are brushing properly both in the morning and at night.

4. Choose dental practice to fix emergency appointments – After you take advice from the dental professionals, it is time to choose your own practice so that you can fix an appointment over there. There are several dental procedures such as – tooth extractions for children that can be done at the practice only. You can also take necessary steps to lessen the risks associated with tooth decay. What the dental practices are doing at present is that they are treating non Covid-19 patients safely which is obviously an increased risk for the environment. Hence, it is best to avoid visits at the practice for the time-being and stay protected from this deadly disease.

Adult appointments that need to be postponed for now will soon be rearranged by the dental practice according to the availability of emergency dentist in London. Unfortunately, it is not known when the appointment can be fixed for the time being but the practice is trying their best to remain open according to their normal working hours.

In the meantime, if there is an oral care emergency, the dental practice will schedule your appointment so that you are seen by a dental expert only. Make sure you follow the guidelines of the government related to social distancing and other safety measures so that we can look forward to see you again in future.

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