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Tamil Nadu minister’s thermocol idea to prevent reservoir water loss blown away by strong winds

Tamil Nadu minister Sellur K Raju thought that he had hit upon a brilliant idea of using thermocol sheets to cover the surface of Vaigai Dam. He thought that it would prevent water loss from the reservoir. The idea was even approved by the Tamil Nadu government and budget has been allocated for purchasing large quantities of thermocol sheets worth around Rs 10 lakh. The minister had invited several newsmen to show his brilliant idea in action, but the event turned out to be a damp squib. No sooner had the minister floated a couple of thermocol sheets on the water, a strong gust of wind blew them away. The minister made another attempt, but the strong winds continued to blow away the thermocol sheets.

The minister’s brilliant idea and its subsequent failure has become a hot topic of discussion on social media. It has received several sarcastic responses from many people. Some joked that the minister should be given the Nobel Prize for his brilliant idea. Visuals showing the minister putting his thoughts into action with his dhoti rolled up as he enters the water to place the thermocol sheets have also gone viral. However, despite the criticism, the minister has refused to give up. Sources said that he is now planning to float rubber balls to prevent evaporation.

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