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Tanner Adams announced as President of 17A Enterprises

The lesser known Tampa Bay triumvirate company – 17A Enterprises recently announced Tanner Adams as their new president. Living and working in Tampa, FL all his life, Tanner posed as the perfect candidate to take ahead the diverse business of the organization. 

Growing up in the area, his distinct knowledge and undifferentiated understanding of the market led his career to grow initially as a real estate developer, to investor, and now President of 17A Enterprises. 

17A is a multifaceted company dealing with Real Estate Management, Entertainment Management and Capital (hedge fund) Management. With celebrities like Roman Alexander on board, they have furthered themselves and others giving rise to a prominent platform in the industry; while on the real estate front under the tutelage of Adams they plan to expand to Nashville, Tennessee soon. 

The fast-growing enterprise has found itself a visionary to lead them. With a promise to grow leaps and bounds in the years to come, they have given themselves the perfect head start with the appointment of Tanner Adams at the helm.


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