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Tata Nano to be re-launched as an electric car

Tata Nano may not have been a huge hit in the market, but the company is not yet giving up on one of its most widely-known models. Tate Motors said that it is planning to reposition the Nano model as an electric vehicle and hopes to generate the desired interest among electric car buyers. Company officials said that the electric variant of Nano has already been tested and it has performed well in all the tests. Chief Operating officer (COO) of Tata Motors, Satish B Borwankar said that the Nano model was a dream project of Ratan Tata and it has deep sentiments attached to it. Moreover, even the shareholders have shown immense interest in the potential of the Nano model. Due to these reasons, it would be difficult to completely phase out the Nano model. Re-launching the Nano as an electric vehicle would be a strategic evolution for the car, Borwankar said.

Nano sales have been constantly declining, which is another reason why Tata Motors wants to reposition the model. Earlier, around 1,000 Nano cars were sold each month, but it reduced to 7,591 units in 2016-17. In June this year, the sales dropped to a low of just 167 units. This forced the company to think about repositioning the Nano model as an electric vehicle.

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