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Tattoo helps police solve Delhi blind-murder case

Tattoos marked on the bodies of gruesome murder victims helped Delhi police solve a blind-case within a fortnight time.

The Delhi Police, south eastern range joint commissioner, RP Upadhyay talking to the media has claimed to solve the murder mystery.

“Both the victims knew each other. We have identified their murderers,” said the joint commissioner.

Police on November 25 had recovered a headless body of a woman in her late twenties from an under-tank of a residential complex in Munirika of South Delhi. Second decapitated body was recovered hardly 100 meters away last week. On inspecting the bodies, police found that the two were inked with similar pattern of tattoo.

“Both the victims have been identified. Our teams are trying to trace the missing head of one of them,” added Upadhyay.

He added that on course of investigation they learnt the duo was killed after a monetary dispute.

“We have identified the prime accused,” said Upadhyay.

Police officer not authorized to talk to the media said that the tattoo took them to the designer who helped in the identification of the victims later confirmed by friends and family members.

“During course of investigation we learnt that the duo worked in a parlor in Hauz Khas. The duo were also forced to work as escorts and had conflict over sharing of money with their

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