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Teachers at Punjabi University submit fake documents for higher salary

An inquiry conducted by higher education secretary Anurag Verma has revealed that 180 teachers working at Punjabi University in Patiala had submitted forged documents to get higher salaries. Anurag Verma is also serving as the vice-chancellor of Punjabi University. These teachers were recruited by the university during the past nine years and they had submitted fake salary certificates to claim higher salary. During the investigation, the salary amount mentioned in the salary certificates of these teachers did not match with the figure mentioned in their income tax returns.

It appears that the teachers were overconfident since they had submitted their tax return details along with their fake salary certificates. It appears that they must have thought that no one will notice the mismatch in numbers. However, it has now been discovered and the teachers are likely to be penalized.

Investigations have also revealed that many teachers were recruited without adhering to the minimum eligibility criteria of applicants. Overstaffing has also been detected at certain departments of the university. There are also cases where teachers have submitted fake SC/BC certificates to get jobs at the university. Verma has assured that appropriate action would be taken against the teachers who were involved in irregularities.

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