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Techie who chopped wife into small pieces gets life sentence

The brutal murder of Anupama around 7 years back had shocked Dehradun and the entire nation as well. Now, the law has taken its course and the culprit, Anupama’s husband Rajesh Gulati, has been sentenced to spend the rest of his life in jail. The incident had occurred on the night of October 17, 2010. Rajesh Gulati was a software engineer and on the night, he had an argument with his wife. They were staying in a two-room rented house at Prakash Nagar in Dehradun Cantonment. After their argument, Rajesh Gulati first smothered his wife and then chopped her into several pieces using an electric saw. He then kept the chopped body parts of his wife in a deep freezer for around 2 months. This was amongst the most gruesome case to have occurred in the country.

A local court in Dehradun today found the accused guilty and sentenced him to life in jail. Rajesh and Anupama had gotten married in 1999, after which they had moved to the United States. They returned to India in 2008, but problems began to occur in their relationship soon after. They used to have fights almost every day. One the night of the incident, Rajesh smothered his wife and chopped her into several small pieces. He kept the pieces in several polythene bags in a deep freezer and used to throw it one by one at various places. However, Anupama’s brother got suspicious and reported the disappearance of his sister to the police. The police then raided Rajesh’s house and recovered the body parts including the severed head.

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