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Technology: A big factor in the Voice-Over Industry

In the 21st century, there is hardly any industry vertical which has remained untouched with the advent of this new age technology; the voice-over industry is no exception. While listening to adverts narrated by voice-over artists, people could confuse them with robotic voices as it’s hard for them to believe that humans have such baritone voice texture. In reality, technology is playing a vital role in the voiceover industry making the voices of these gifted voice-over artists even more captivating.

Voice-Over tasks can be automated with Technology
Most of the voices on TV, radio, the Internet, are provided by voice-over artists, as are voices heard over IVRs. Voice-over-artists also supply their voices to the film industry often serving as narrators. When used in advertisements, good voices are remembered by consumers and contribute to the sales growth of the product or service advertised. Talented voice-over-artists are in great demand because their voices add an additional layer of gloss to a well-crafted message.

Good voice-over artists can enunciate their voice as needed. When done well, such enunciation can amplify a message producing an even deeper impactthan is possible without enunciation. A voice-over-artist’s voice can convey multiple qualities like strength, trust, confidence, or others which become intertwined with a message or brand. The role of voice-over artists is highly significant today.

New technologies allow repetitive voice tasks to be automated. On many instances such automation is crucial. Not every business or project demands the services of exceptionally gifted voice-over artists. In such cases, tech automation in voice-over becomes very handy, as the repeated, monotonous tasks can be automated with certain baseline human recordings, thus saving a lot of money and time for the end-user. Nowadays, many start-ups and organisations are coming up with user chat-bots and other customer friendly interfaces for their web portal and apps and these AI enabled voices are playing a major role in catering to the customer needs.

Technology is used to refine ‘Voice’ texture
In the real world finding someone with the kind of voice used to sell high-end German automobiles is impossible. This is because the captivating voices used in all advertisements and movies have been touched up using technology. The voices we hear on TV, radio, the internet, and IVR’s have been refined and minutely edited before reaching our ears. Technology has also made it unnecessary for a voice over artist to re-record his voice to compensate for every unnecessary pause or unwanted sound. This is why the sound quality we hear during advertisements can’t be reproduced without technology.

Technology benefits the entire Voice-Over process
New, small businesses and largeestablished ones recognise the importance of cultivating an attractive image. Businesses that want to leave no stone unturned in creating a flawless persona need the services of exceptional voice over artists. Such demand from businesses, big and small, has created a surge in the demand for the voice over industry and hence voice-over artists.

Using technology, dedicated and talented start-ups arestreamliningthe voice over process allowing clientsto choose their preferred voice from a pool ofvoice-over artists. Clients can select artists based on a number of criteria such as age, gender, language, or genre. Importantly technology is allowing clients to listen to a plethora of voice artists before hiring them. In a nut-shell, the modern streamlined voice-over process allows clients to quickly and effortlessly select a voice-over artist whose voice they think matches their business or idea they want to convey.

In addition to making it easier for clients to find voice over talent, technology is levelling the playing field among voice over artists. New age tech start-ups such as have created platforms where voice over artists can register, sharetheirdetails, industry experience, voice samples and wait to hear back from those wanting to use their voice. Voice-over artists are the backbone of the VO industry and because of such platformswhere they can showcasetheir talent and earn, the VO talent in the country has received an impetus.

Technology is bringing the VO Artists and Clients together
Clearly, the process of selecting voice over artists has been simplified using technology. Those who’re interested in finding voice over artists need only visit a portal where artists are registered. On such portals, clients can listen to voice samples and compare prices of artists. Once they’ve made a selection, they can start a project and review recordings submitted by the selected artist. If they want changes made they can give feedback and have it implemented. What is especially convenient is that all this can be done at the click of a mouse button. There is no need to make calls, or exchange emails with several people.

By: Mr. Sourav Jandial, Founder,

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