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Ten Must-Have Accessories for Camping

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Camping is great fun when people take all the essential camping gear and accessories with them. However, many campers forget some essential items while going on their trip, which puts them in trouble on the wild terrains.

It is essential to create a list of all the necessary camping gear and accessories so that you don’t forget anything. There are many camping accessories, but here in this post, we will mention only the most essential items that campers must carry on their trip.

Waterproof Tent

Campers carry a tent in their backpack, but sometimes it is just enough to accommodate the camping members. However, you also need protection for all your camping gear and accessories. It is essential to get the right size of the tent to accommodate all the members and camping gear. Moreover, the weather is not stable on the camping sites and mountains. It is necessary to take a waterproof tent for protection from moisture and rainwater.


You need proper lighting for visibility in the wild terrains. The mountains and camping sites can be dangerous in the night. Therefore you need to carry lighting essentials to for visibility in the night. An LED lantern and flashlight are the best accessories for camping. Don’t carry the rechargeable lantern as there will be no source for charging. Carry the ones with batteries and also have an extra set of batteries while going for a trip of 3 to 4 days.

Sleeping bag


The temperature is usually cold on the camping sites. You cannot sleep in open due to the weather conditions. A sleeping bag is the best option for relaxing in a warm and comfy environment. However, you need to buy a lightweight sleeping bag that is easy to fold and pack in your camping bag.  Put the sleeping bag in your tent, and you are ready to relax after a day of camping.

First aid kit

Campers often suffer injuries as there are many dangers on camping sites and territories. A camping first aid kit is different from the standard kit as it consists of special medications like snake bite serum and immobilisation bandage. It contains the medicines and accessories that campers need on their trips. The medications help the campers with some relief until they reach a medical facility.

Map and compass

You might have a GPS application on your phone and your car, but there might be no signal on the camping sites. Therefore the GPS on your phone will stop working as soon as you enter a no signal area. It is better to take your navigation system with you to find the locations, routes, and directions while camping.


Most campers check the weather before going on their trips, and the app shows only sun, no rain. Unfortunately, the weather can change any time in the hilly areas, and it can become cloudy or start raining. Therefore it is essential to have a pair of warm clothes and raincoat. If the weather is already cold, you should wear clothes in layers to save your body from chilled conditions.

Camping knife


While camping, you will need a knife for many things like cutting the branches of wild plants and cutting many other things while installing your tent. A camping knife is different from the vegetable knife as it is designed for cutting the things while camping. In addition to the knife, you should also carry a saw, corkscrew, and scissors. You will need all these things for different purposes, but they don’t need much space in your backpack.

Cooking device

It is not possible to carry an LPG stove for cooking at camping sites. Instead, take a portable camping stove or carry a small firepit and some coal or wood in your backpack. A camping stove is best for cooking as it will not take much space in your bag.

For example, a jetboil flash cooking system is the best for cooking food on the camping sites. It is a lightweight cooking device that can prepare meals and boil water within minutes. It consumes low fuel, and you don’t need to refill it every time you cook while camping.

However, you can also take a small firepit with some wood or coal to start a fire for cooking food. A fire pit can also be used to sit around if the weather is too chilled. Once you ignite the coal in it, you can expect it to burn for two to three hours and sometimes more than that. 

A fire starter kit

This is an item that most campers especially the first timers forget to carry on their trips. You need to light a fire for many activities like cooking or burning some wood for warming the sitting area. A fire starter kit enables you to start a fire anytime using some grass or leaves that are readily available in the wild terrains. You can carry a matchbox, but it is not advisable as it will not work if it gets wet due to rain. You can search for a fire starter kit online if you don’t find it in the local market.

Portable Water Filter

Campers usually carry enough water bottles, but if you are going on a 4 to 5 days trip, you will soon run out of water within the first two days. You may find a stream of water in the wild territories, but it is not suitable to drink. A portable water purifier can filter and purify the water within seconds. You can directly dip it in the water stream and drink the water from its other end.

Final words

These are the top 10 camping essentials that every camper should carry with him/her. Although there are many useful camping essentials and accessories that you can carry, the items mentioned in this post are the must-have accessories for every camper. Make sure you buy the things that are portable and are easy to pack in your backpack.

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