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Terrorists making extensive use of social media: Raheel Sharif

raheelIn a statement made by Pakistan’s former Army chief Raheel Sharif, he has said that terrorists have become quite good at using social media channels and other digital platforms to their advantage. He said that social media provides terrorists a free and safe platform to carry out their evil designs. He further stated that there is an urgent need to share intelligence information among global countries to effectively check the spread of terrorism and put an end to gruesome terrorist acts. Raheel Sharif shared his inputs during a session on terrorism in today’s digital age, held as part of the World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland.

Raheel said that sharing of intelligence information within countries can make a big difference in the fight against terror. He added that such countries can mutually benefit by creating a common platform where intelligence information related to terrorism can be shared in a timely manner. Speaking about digital media platforms that terrorists are using, he said, “It gives them a huge advantage. I personally feel that these terrorists have the ability to mutate, morph and they can do it very quickly. And obviously this platform of the digital age is available whether it is social media or any other platform they use it very very effectively.”

On how terrorists are using social media channels, he said, “Recruitment is one thing which is done on that and I think the financier, abettors, facilitator and the sympathizers all of them are involved in this”.

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