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Texas inundated by Hurricane Harvey; more rains expected in next 24 hours

The catastrophic flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas has affected nearly 13 million people. It’s a tough time for people in Texas, as streets have turned into raging rivers due to the torrential rains. And the situation is unlikely to get better anytime soon since the weather department has predicted more rains in the next 24 hours. Many people have already left their homes and have taken refuge at shelter homes. Many more will be forced to move to shelter homes since the situation will take several days to get back to normal. Electricity, communication systems and supply lines have already been severely affected by the massive flooding in Texas, which has made living extremely difficult for people.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump is expected to visit Texas tomorrow to take stock of the situation. It may be recalled that Hurricane Harvey is the most powerful to have hit the American mainland in the last 12 years. At least 5 people are said to have died due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. Several people are said to be stranded, waiting for rescue teams. Latest reports show that around 200 Indian students are stranded at the University of Houston due to the massive flooding. Houston has a considerable Indian population. The hurricane was earlier classified as a Category 4 hurricane, but now it has transformed into a tropical storm, bringing huge volumes of rain. Already, more than 50 inches of rain has been recorded in various parts of Houston.

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