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Texas readies to brace itself, as Hurricane Harvey grows stronger

Hurricane Harvey is getting stronger with every minute and it is expected that it will the most violent hurricane to hit Texas in the last 12 years. Weather patterns and data indicate that the hurricane will make landfall late Friday night and it will first hit South Texas city. The state administration has already issued evacuation notices in several places in Texas. A light rain has already started and the wind is picking up speed slowly. The hurricane is already showing its strength in the Gulf of Mexico, where wind speeds in excess of 110 miles per hour has been recorded. If the hurricane continues with this wind speed, it would be classified as Category 3 hurricane and it would be the strongest to hit the United States since Hurricane Wilma struck in 2005.

Weather forecasters said that the hurricane is likely to deliver voluminous amounts of rain. Forecasters are predicting rains in feet and not just inches. In such a scenario, the hurricane can cause large scale flooding in Houston, which is the fourth largest city in the United States. Houston is also the country’s hub for oil and gas industry. In a report, the National Weather Service said, “Rivers and tributaries may overwhelmingly overflow their banks in many places with deep moving water. Small streams, creeks, canals, and ditches may become raging rivers. Flood control systems and barriers may become stressed.”

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