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Thailand government dismisses reports about banning street food in Bangkok

It was a sad day for foodies after media reports indicated that the Thailand government was planning to ban street food in Bangkok. The reports stated that the decision was taken for various reasons such as improving safety and cleanliness and freeing the pavements for the pedestrians. Foodies were greatly disappointed, given the fact that Bangkok’s street food was recently ranked the best in the world by CNN. However, much to the relief of foodies, the Thailand government has come up with a clarification that it has no intentions to ban street food in Bangkok.

The clarification was provided by Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Thailand’s minister of tourism and sports. Wattanavrangkul said that the media reports are false and the actual announcement made by the Thai government has been misinterpreted. He said that street food will not be banned; rather, it would only be regulated. It implies that it would only be available during certain hours. The new regulations for street food in Bangkok will seek to improve hygiene standards and other aspects of the business. Food vendors will be provided training and there would be specific guidelines regarding dish cleaning and waste management, said Wattanavrangkul.

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