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That thing about food!

I, at times, think to myself. Why every time I decide to control my diet I can’t continue long enough? Why is there a constant thought of trying out new recipes and tasting different styles of cuisine? Every time I eat certain things, I do think to myself if this is going to add some extra pounds, but then the beauty of the dish expels the anticipation. As far as my experience can comprehend, many of you would understand what am I speaking about!

Some people, like actually, ask if food is like a drug to me. I don’t know! I don’t have an answer to it, but yes I am addicted to trying varieties of cuisines. I also have sudden food cravings at odd hours. But it doesn’t classify my tendency as a addiction. Food makes me happy. Food lifts me up. Food energises. Food is the ‘happy companion’ most of the time. Good food makes my day, absense of it makes me feel low. So yes, food is the answer to quite a lot of anxiety within the self.


Some times when I enter the kitchen, it feels like an examination hall. I have that constant thought of coming out with a lip smacking dish, be it the plainest of the plain dishes. What makes the situation all the more adventurous is the absence of certain key ingredients of a specific dish. It then, urges me to think of creative ideas to still make the dish but with a twist in the key ingredients. And then finally what comes out is a completely new dish with the basics of another recipe.
From three course meals to one pot meal, the idea is always to innovate and compile different flavours in one sinful indulgence.

There is a world of new ingredients and flavours awaiting us all, so why not indulge! Make your taste buds happy with some new flavours and exciting recipes.

By: Nupur Singh

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