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The 10 Greatest Free Web Fonts for Your Site

Your website reflect a certain image of you, so your articles, pictures, subjects, designs, colors… must all be chosen carefully.

Even choosing the suitable fonts must be taken under consideration, though it consumes much time to cut through the ocean of mediocre free web fonts, in order to find what suits you and doesn’t fire your pocket.
If you have a tight budget or no budget at all,there are various web fonts available for you. All you need is to find the methods to know where to search, source and license these web fonts. These fonts include subscription-based models such as Typekit, Fontdeck and Fontspring. Recently, those types are becoming increasingly popular with most of the professional designers.
Sites such as Font Squirrel, the free-to-use Google Web Fonts service and Adobe Edge Web Fonts are all very great, but if you want new things then I guess you must check this list below:

1- Archivo Narrow
For the high performance typography, Archivo Narrow which is designed by Héctor Gatti and Omnibus-Type Team is your best choice. It consists of four fonts with 416 glyphs each and it can be used across both print and digital platforms with its technical and aesthetic characteristics which are both crafted for high performance typography. It also has a heavyweight grotesque designed for highlights and headlines.

2- Ostrich Sans
Ostrich Sans is a gorgeous modern font and available for you in a variety of styles and weights from The League of Moveable Type. It is free and modern sans-serif with a very long neck. The family also has a remarkable number of styles and weights, including rounded, dash, ultra light, normal and black.

3- PT Sans
PT Sans is a free web font PT Sans which incorporates distinctive features of contemporary humanistic designs. It is designed by Alexandra Korolkova, Olga Umpeleva and Vladimir Yefimov and it was first released by ParaType in 2009.

It is popular for being based on Russian sans serif types of the second part of the 20th century.

4-Fira Sans
The famous legendary type designer Erik Spiekermann designed a special kind of web fonts named Fira Sans. It aims to cover the legibility needs for a high range of handsets in screen quality and rendering.

5- Palanquin
Palanquin is a Unicode-compliant Latin and Devanagari text type family. It has seven weights plus a heavier display family and designed for the digital age. This special font family makes a special balance between typographic conventions and visual flair.

6- GT Walsheim
For designing your blog, you are highly recommended to use GT Walsheim
It is designed by Noël Leu and released in 2010 through Swiss foundry Grilli Type. If you wanna the whole font family you will have to pay for it, but GT Walsheim is offered as a free trial, so you can try it before buying.

7- Abril Fatface
Perfect for arresting headlines
Abril Fatface is a small part of a big, strong and elegant family of web fonts which provides 18 styles designed for all kinds of uses. It is great for striking headlines and paired with Lato, Open Sans and Droid Sans.

8- Montserrat
Montserrat is also a special kind of fonts designed by Julieta Ulanovsky. She wanted to preserve the beautiful typography she saw on the street signage in Montserrat, Buenos Aires, so she created this magnificent font. With the development of that area, the old posters and signs are lost, but this font is still going some way toward preserving the urban topography of the historic region.

9- Playfair Display

 Playfair Display is great for squeezing into tight spots and particularly suits headlines with its extra large x-height and short descenders, especially if space is tight . It is used with Georgia, Oswald, Lato and Arvo.

10- Merriweather
Merriweather is designed especially  for long reads on screens. Therefore, if your project includes readability on screens then choose Merriweather. You can also be always updated by checking creator Eben Sorkin’s blog.

These 10 web fonts will be a great help for designing your blog or website in an attractive and vivid way.

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