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The 5 signs that indicate that your business website needs a coat of metal and paint

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How can you unequivocally know that the time has come to redesign your website? It is not always an easy question to answer.

You may love the design that has accompanied you over the last few years or you may lack perspective to judge it objectively. Total, as long as your website continues to generate leads, it works and everything is fine … right?

Well, you may not see anything dodgy, but what about your customers and potential customers?

On the internet everything moves fast. Very fast. And staying alert is essential to not stay behind and lose sales opportunities.

Taking into account that your website is your showcase, your base camp and operations room, it is important to keep it updated in all the senses, not only visually, but also technologically

Do you need to redesign your website?

  1. Navigation has become complicated and cumbersome

Your digital business started being small, like a shrimp. But from prawn to prawn, then to Norway lobster, and from there to carabinieri and lobster.

Come on, things have gone well for you, your business has grown and, with it, the number of pages on your website has increased considerably. So much that right now your site is a maze of pages and links in which your readers (and potential customers) are easily lost.

And the more time passes, instead of improving, the situation gets worse. Something normal, because as you try to fit the new needs of your business in the old design, you may be burying important information under a lot of clicks that your customers do not get to do.

In fact, if the navigation is complex and find the content that interests becomes an epic feat, chances are that your visitors end up clicking only on the cross in the upper right corner of your page; yes, that which indicates “close and let’s get out of here”.

Facilitate navigation and display the elements clearly are two maxims that should always be present in a professional website.

  1. The design of your website looks like Prehistory

One thing is the retro scroll and that vintage and other vintage that the design is clearly outdated and is perceived old.

What was a usual year ago on the internet today is considered obsolete. And in matters of design even more.

And as I know that for the tastes the colors and the aesthetic theme can give for a long debate, I’ll give you just a note: if your website is characterized by small text and a lot of space on the sides of the page, you definitely need a web redesign with urgency.

  1. You are losing positions in the search engines

If you publish new articles in the blog, you take care of the SEO writing in your posts, you do not have broken links or positioning errors, you should not be lowering positions in the search results.

An outdated and unfriendly design for your visits may be the explanation, but there may be other technical and technological issues (less obvious) that are the cause of your fall.

  1. You are not taking advantage of technological improvements

One of the great advantages of the current websites is that it is very easy to edit them without needing to be a programmer or have professional technical knowledge. CMS like WordPress have been key in this.

In the case of WordPress, another of its fabulous advantages is that it is compatible with a lot of tools that help you get subscribers, increase sales and customer loyalty more easily and efficiently.

Social networks, blog, funnels, chatbots … The list of new technologies available to apply marketing techniques and tactics that improve the results of an online business is immense.

Why do I tell you this? Because if you do not take advantage of the resources that can help you, you are turning your back on opportunities and competitive advantages that your competitors can take advantage of in your favor.

#5. You are ashamed to share your URL

It seems like a joke, but it would not be the first time I see it…

If publicly sharing the domain of your website makes you start giving explanations like “I have to change some things”, “you have to update it”, “is that the colors …” or similar, without a doubt, the time has come to take your website to the workshop and possibly spend time creating a corporate visual identity for your business before redesigning your website.

Your website is the main tool of your online business. If it does not make you proud or is not helping you achieve your goals, you know what to do!

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