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The 5th Hockey India Junior Women National Championship (Division A) witnesses powerful performances on the 1st day

–    Hockey Haryana outplays Hockey Karnataka 10-1

–    Uttar Pradesh Hockey beats Kerela Hockey 11-2

–    Hockey Punjab defeats Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy 4-1

–    The Mumbai Hockey Association pulls down Chhattisgarh Hockey 1-0

Rajnandgaon,Chhattisgarh3 May 2015: The 5th Hockey India Junior Women National Championship (Division A) commenced today at Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh with four power pack performances which resulted in an excellent show.

The day begun on a winning note for Hockey Haryana which defeated Hockey Karnataka with a massive score 10-1. This was followed by another tremendous victory for Uttar Pradesh Hockey who pulled down Kerela Hockey with a leading score 11-2. Followed by this was a battle between Hockey Punjab and Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy where the former outbeat the latter with a leading score 4-1. The last match was an easy clash won by Mumbai Hockey Association Ltd against Chhattisgarh Hockey with 1-0.

-Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy Vs Hockey Punjab (Hockey Punjab-Yellow,Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy -WHITE

In the first match of Pool A, Hockey Haryana outplayed Hockey Karnataka by a huge margin of 10-1 with the help of Neha’s spectacular hat-trick along with Jyoti Gupta and Manjeet’s brilliant brace. Haryana dominated the match from the first minute and Neha scored two back-to-back goals in the 7thand 8th minute of the match. With the first two goals, Haryana sent a strong message to their opponents. However, Karnataka managed to earn a penalty corner in the 15th minute and Kaveramma converted it perfectly into their first goal. Conceded the first goal, Haryana stormed back with aggression and scored goals in regular intervals. Neha scored her third goal in the 17th minute and took the score-line to 3-1. Followed by her inspiring hat-trick, Ritu and Saroj scored goals in the 33rd and 43rd minute of the match respectively. Leading by 5-1, Jyoti took the charge and scored a marvelous brace in the 60th and 64th minute of the game. After conceding seven goals, Karnataka’s defense-line shattered with consecutive attacks from Haryana players. Haryana’s Manjeet and Devika Sen scored three more goals in the 65th, 68th and 69th minutes respectively and finished the match with a thumping 10-1 victory over Karnataka.

The second match of the day saw an outstanding performance by Uttar Pradesh Hockey who defeated Kerela Hockey with a massive score 11-2. Uttar Pradesh Hockey seemed to be in form from the initial minutes of the game itself. This was evident from the first goal in the 4th minute, a penalty corner beautifully converted by Sonam. Very soon in the 8th minute the same team scored another goal which came from Sonal Tiwari who struck an excellent field goal. Kerela Hockey looking at opening their account and get back in the game scoref through a field goal in the 16th minute coming from Arya K. M who managed to break the opponent’s defense. Hereon, both the teams were seen battling hard for the next goal and it was Uttar Pradesh Hockey who took the lead with another field goal by Priyanka Gautam in the 27th minute who did no mistake in finding the goal box. In the 33rd minute of the game Mumtaz Khan from Uttar Pradesh Hockey won another field goal for the team with her smart work. The first half of the match was dominated by Uttar Pradesh Hockey, leading by 4-1 by the end of it. The proceedings in the second half were again started by Uttar Pradesh Hockey when Mumtaz Khan continued with her brilliant performance and scored another field goal for the team in the 42nd minute. Not wasting time, Uttar Pradesh Hockey bagged another goal the very next minute which was a field goal again by Sonam. By this time, Kerela Hockey were seen making all efforts to bounce back in the game but were overpowered by the opponents who continued their spree with another field goal by Mumtaz Khan in the 48th minute. With this third field goal coming from her, she became the centre of attraction in the game. After much struggle Kerela Hockey managed a field goal in the 50th minute again coming from Arya K M. The last few minutes was tremendous performance by Uttar Pradesh Hockey with two penalty corners converted in 51st and 54th minute by Sonal Tiwari and Mumtaz Khan respectively who contributed well in taking the team ahead towards victory. Two more field goals resulted from the excellent team work by Uttar Pradesh Hockey when Shreya Singh and Sonam entered the opponent’s D in the 58th and 59th minute stamping victory with an outstanding score of 11-2.

Hockey Punjab emerged with an overwhelming victory 4-1 against Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy in the third match of the day. Both the teams displayed a zestful performance in the initial minutes of the game looking for the quick goal. This was successfully done by Hockey Punjab in the 16th minute when Reet scored a well attempted field goal for the team. Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy retaliated in the 26th minute as Neelu Dadia converted a penalty corner bringing in some relief for the team. However, Hockey Punjab took the lead which resulted from the field goal beautifully struck by Amrinder Kaur H in the 34th minute. The match was completely in favor of Punjab Hockey as Amrinder Kaur stole the show with her exceptional performance resulting into two more field goals in the 60thand 69th minute of the game. The match ended with a wonderful victory for Hockey Punjab who managed to outshine with a good lead 4-1.

The last match of the day between The Mumbai Hockey Association Limited and Chhattisgarh Hockey was an easy win for Mumbai Hockey Association Ltd as they defeated the opponents with 1-0. Both the teams made efforts to give their best in the game. However it was  The Mumbai Hockey Association Limited which was able to manage a field goal in the 24th minute coming from Ruqqaiya Shaikh. The first half of the game ended in favour of The Mumbai Hockey Association Ltd which was leading by 1-0 by the end of it. There were no goals scored in the second half by either of the team despite a good struggle which resulted into a win for The Mumbai Hockey Association Limited with 1-0

Results of the Day

Pool A – Hockey Haryana 10 Neha (7min-FG, 8min-FG, 17min-FG), Ritu (33min-FG), Saroj (43min-FG), Jyoti Gupta (60min-FG, 64min-FG), Manjeet (65min-FG, 69min-FG), Devika Sen (68min-FG) vs Hockey Karnataka 1 Kaveramma AH (15min-PC)

Pool A- Uttar Pradesh Hockey 11 Sonam (4 min-PC, 43 min-FG, 59min-FG),Sonal Tiwari (8min-FG,51 min-PC),Priyanka Guatam (27min-FG),Mumtaz Khan (33min FG,42min-FG,48min-FG,54min PC),Shreya Singh(12min-FG) vs  Kerela Hockey 2 Arya K M (16min-FG,50min-FG)

Pool B-Hockey Punjab 4 Reet (16min-FG), Amrinder Kaur (34 min-FG,60 min-FG,69min-FG) vs Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy 1 Neelu Dadiya (26min-PC)

Pool B-The Mumbai Hockey Association Ltd 1 Ruqqaiya Shaikh (24min-FG) vs Chhattisgarh Hockey 0

Schedule-4th May 2015 (Monday)


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