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The amazing adventure story from the `Theatre Company Obonro’! The video of this stage performance directed by Takuma Suehara, who is an upcoming talented artist, is going to be released with English subtitles worldwide!

Obonro became a very popular theatre company in Japan, which usually attracts audiences of around 4,000 people at their plays because of their universal storytelling. They are very good at creating the stage with abstract images and the audience enjoy diving into their fantasy world which almost feels like getting lost inside of a children’s picture book.

“The bottled sea sang Ryuztan’s Dream in the bedroom” performed at Theater Mixa, which is inside Mixalive TOKYO, in Ikebukuro,Tokyo in August 2021. They are going to release the video of this production with English subtitles to try to gain awareness of their amazing stories around the world. Online streaming of stage work with English subtitles is their first trial and this is a new challenge for Obonro, telling their motto ‘stories will change the world”.

Edited version of “The bottled sea sang Ryuztan’s Dream in the bedroom”

< Story >
The boy who entered the room from the window raised the bottle in front of the man and said, “I stole the sea.”
The old man who gazed at the ocean which was pushed into the bottle felt that he had met this boy before.
“Hold on to the bed!”
The boy gently yelled at him so the old man followed in a hurry.
When the bottle was smashed on the floor the ocean came out of the bottle. The bed floated on the big ocean. Then the boy said,
“ I have to take you to the place where you will receive judgement.”
“What have I done?”
“You haven’t submitted your summer holiday homework.”
“… When?”
“ When you were in 5th grade in elementary school.”
“ Don’t be ridiculous. I am 59 this year.”
“Oh no! Then You must submit it as soon as possible. Let’s use the sheets as a sail to receive the wind.”
The man was totally lost.
“I took so many sleeping pills tonight, I was trying to kill myself finally.”
The ocean which was spread out in front of him was shining so beautifully.

This is a story about an old man who experiences a strange adventure in a weird ocean on a summer night. Live now. Stare at the beauty that exists here right now. If you can’t find it then imagine it. With a wish that you pray for your happiness from the bottom of your heart.
The date of the online streaming with English subtitles

From November 12 (Fri) till November 30, 2021(Tue) at 23:59 (Japan Time)
Archive ticket 3500 yen (include tax)

Reservation page for the ticket of the online streaming:

The date of the online streaming with English subtitles
On the 28th of November (Sun) 2021 at 12:30

Place:Mixalive TOKYO B2F [ Hall Mixa ] 1-14-3 Higashiikebukuro,Toshima City, Tokyo

Tickets for viewing the play, Ryuztan 3500 yen (include tax)
Reservation page for the ticket for viewing the play at the theatre:

<Comment from Takuma Suehara, the leader of the Theatre Company Obonro>

I have been working on the theatre with the belief that ‘the story will change the world.’ It is difficult to make people connect and share compassion with each other. There are all kinds of battles and they will divide us. But we can say that the people who love the same story are the residents of the story.We can bond strongly and deeply across nationality, skin colour and blood. I am looking forward to seeing how this story will reach you beyond the ocean and the hearts of people around the world will be united. If people see our work which was born in this tiny island called Japan,we will understand that we are from different cultures but also we can understand that we are just fellow people who share a lot.Let’s be connected through our story. This is the most important story, that we can be friends through stories, even if we are so far apart, in the 21 century.

< Playwright and director Takuma Suehara Profile>
Takuma Suehara born July 8,1985. The leader of the Theatre Company Obonro. Actor, Script writer, Director. He created all Obonro production as a playwright, director and actor. And also he made the plan, was the scriptwriter, was both director and art director on stage and in video.

< About Mixalive TOKYO >
Mixalive TOKYO is a complex building for live entertainment in Ikebukuro.
They are a hybrid theatre with 6 halls and they produce various different live entertainment to the world. They have plays, live music, talk shows, events and a live cafe.

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Obonro Official Twitter:@obonro_new
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