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The Best Ideas for Rest Rooms In Companies

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Rest rooms in companies are becoming more important every day and companies compete in creating spaces for relaxation, rest and even to kick a game of football between project and project or in the short time. Do we see the best ideas?

The rest rooms are not what they used to be. Well in fact, I think I remember a time when they did not exist in most companies or at least in those that I have known. But luckily today the trend is changing and more and more importance is given to employees and their well-being. In this world where we live stressed running from one place to another, the new work spaces in companies have become vital. And companies compete in creating spaces for relaxation, rest and even to kick a game of football between project and project or in the short periods. We are going to see some of the best rest rooms in companies and other ideas for rest and enjoyment of employees that will undoubtedly give you a lot of envy, they give it to me!

Relax spaces

The relaxation spaces have become a basic of all the current companies that want a good working environment in which the workers feel at home and enjoy some moments of relaxation. A rest area worth its salt has to have good and comfortable armchairs in which to rest for a while and meditate on the next strategy or the new project that we are about to start. But if you also have a library area, even better!

But in addition to having a rest area in companies that invite to relax and rest is also important to take care of all the details, from the lamps to the floors and including motivating messages that speak of our approach as a company and transmit values ​​to our employees. Do not these examples inspire you? Positive messages to encourage the day or to remind us that humility is always an added value to talent.

A Green Zone anywhere

In this world in which we live, ecology and the environment have also become a priority in the business world. Nature is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day of work. Companies know this and that is why more and more green spaces are created inside the offices, even though they are artificial green spaces, but they manage to make us feel more relaxed only with their simple vision. Does not it happen to you?

Another option in case of not having enough space in the rest rooms in companies is to create a vertical garden. An idea that is very fashionable and that destroys decoration for all kinds of places from restaurants to houses and also in companies. Every time we see it in the most places but it is not strange because it is a great solution to the lack of space that allows us to enjoy a piece of nature in any corner. So you can take advantage of your lunch time to make a relaxed picnic or at least enjoy a little green. I love!

Hours in the game room

Technological companies set the tone and they are the ones that have turned gaming halls into another element of the office. Something that year ago would have seemed unthinkable and nonsense nowadays is seen as normal in the most leading companies in the world. And sure they get their employees to be much happier and smiling at work! From table football to basketball minipistas, the classic table tennis or machines. The question is to rest awhile, to move the mind away from work worries and laugh a lot!

If the most creative companies in the world promote this type of space will be for something, do not you think? Developing the creative part is basic.

Coffee areas

A classic in terms of rest rooms in companies that has now been taken a step further. Nothing of boring and monotonous gray areas of cafeteria with all the same chairs and tables. The characteristics of an office table should be considered and choose the customizable attributes to make it unique and fun Now we are looking to create modern, fun areas where we can feel comfortable, as if you were in any cafe in the world drinking something with your colleagues or with some customers. More minimalist design or full color, what they have in common is not to look like the typical cafeteria areas of a company. It has been shown that the coffee break is beneficial for the productivity of the company, since the employees rest and releases a little stress. The coffee break allows them to socialize, relax and share ideas. So it is important to put that part of the office well so that everyone is happy.

And if we do not have so much space to have a great cafeteria, what we do is create coffee areas or modern and fun coffee stations where you can have a snack or a coffee during the working day in a pleasant atmosphere inside the rest rooms In companies. A more fun way to continue working.

Practice your favorite sport at work

But we also see more and more companies that have their own gym area for workers. Well that’s already happened … now what it takes is to be able to practice your favorite sport in your job from minigolf or soccer to running.

Work and private life is no longer so incompatible if at work you can take advantage of the downtime to do some careers. In addition, the sport will help de-stress and cleanse your mind to return with the batteries charged and being much more productive. It is also very useful to stretch and not be sitting so long in the chair, which can lead to long-term health problems.

Different work corners

And is that the mentality of companies is changing, and the work areas are no longer seen as rooms as innocuous as possible and without distractions. Now the rest rooms in companies are also meeting areas where to serve customers or suppliers or where to receive training courses. A much friendlier environment that makes any meeting as important as it is pleasant and relaxed. Meetings will no longer be so heavy!

Meeting and rest rooms are confused or we can even say that they merge. Everything is multipurpose and nothing of spaces closed to lime and singing, what they take is the open cubicles, with armchairs and office sofas where to keep meetings more relaxed and productive. An environment that seeks to escape the traditional rigidity of these spaces to give them a new vision and with it a new approach.

There is no more to see the youtube meeting room created as if it were a real cable car. And is that if we want to escape conventions and be creative we must start even for the same meeting rooms that are inspiring and with a hooligan point that sure gets a smile to the surprised visitor. Starting this way everything should be made easier, do not you think?

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