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The best Smart LED Bulbs you can buy in 2021 for your Smart Homes

If there’s one learning we have taken from pandemic-hit 2020, it’s that we need to upgrade ourselves in sync with the changing times and irrespective of whether we love or loath, we have to make ever-evolving technology a part of our daily lives. In short, we need to be smart and also make our homes smart homes. An integral component of a household is its lighting and hence upgrading to smart lighting is one of the best ways to make your home feel more connected. LED smart bulbs not just last much longer, but are also 90% more energy efficient so that you can save more. Here are our top picks for the best smart bulbs of 2020:

1. ZOOOK Shine: ZOOOK Shine is an A 19 Bulb with B22 fitting and WiFi connectivity. It is super easy to install and requires no hub to function. You can control its operations via voice command with help from Alexa or Ok Google. Also, both Google Home and Amazon Echo Dot can be upgraded with ZOOOK skill to perform the desired actions on ZOOOK Shine. The 9 watt customized lighting solution offers 16 million shades of RGB light and is equipped with a dimmable feature with a range from 1% to 100%. With ZOOOK Shine, you can create your own scene or schedule the light. Users can randomly switch on and off the bulb from anywhere when they are on a long vacation or when the home is left locked for a long time. It connects with 2.4GHz WiFi. The bulb is bundled with an E27 converter. The WWA certified bulb can be set up using the ZOOOK smart app.

2. Philips Smart Bulb: The B22 WiFi-enabled smart bulb can be controlled through your smartphone as well as Alexa and Siri. The smart bulb from the house of Philips boasts of millions of installed colours and preset themes, which can be used to create the desired ambience in the room. The set up requires one to follow a few steps such as screwing in the new bulb and downloading the Wiz app. The bulb has on/off and dimming features. It also has warm to cool light options to choose from. You can also set timers and schedule the lighting according to your choice.

3. Panasonic Smart Bulb: The WiFi-enabled smart LED B22 bulb by Panasonic is one that can suit any mood. The bulb can be controlled from anywhere and is compatible with Alexa as well. You can customize the bulb as per your mood and occasion to create just the right atmosphere. The bulb comes with 16 million colour palette, so that you can switch the colours complementing the interiors with just a tap on your phone. One can use the timer to switch the bulb on or off and also to dim the light.

4. Wipro Smart Bulb: The 9 watt WiFi-enabled smart bulb gives you the control of your home lighting on the go. Therefore, you can light up your home remotely even from your weekend gateaway. You can also control the light with your voice using Alexa and Google Assistant. With this lighting, you can transform your room for reading, night, meeting, leisure etc. With 16 million colour options, the ambience can be set for a party as well. It has options such as Warm White, Neutral White, Cool White and RGB. You can also adjust the dim level. There is also a mechanism to group the smart bulbs of different rooms under different groups so that you enjoy controlling all at once.


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