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The Best Underwear for Your Body

modellingUnderwear is the most intimate part of our lives, and they are still not given enough credit for shaping our days. They are underrated to an extent that guys see it as just basic necessity, and not something they have got to pay attention to. Underwear is in close contact with your skin all day, so it matters a lot whether you are wearing something breathable or not. After all, nobody wants to keep adjusting their underwear in the middle of a big presentation at the office. Here are some steps that you should look into while buying your next innerwear.


Boxers are comfort wear and are most suitable when you are hitting the hay or spending a lazy day at home. They provide literally no support so it’s best to go for them when you need absolute comfort. If you’re heading to the gym or if you are going to be involved in heavy exercise routines, wearing those fun printed boxers wouldn’t be a good idea, as having no support might restrict your movement in many ways. 


With new trends coming every year, briefs today are sexier than ever. They are best suited for those who have large thighs and if you are someone who is well endowed, it’s a cherry on the top. Briefs are also great for shorter guys which can help them appear taller. They’re good for your cardio sessions at the gym or even for your evening run. 

Boxer Briefs:

Boxer briefs are perfect for guys who you like the length of boxers but the support of briefs. They are great for guys with big physique as briefs can’t always support more posterior and back. It has added material and hence can prevent chafing on hot summer days. They’re the new sexy and are widely famous.


Trunks are the middle ground between briefs and boxer briefs. They are basically boxer briefs with shorter legs, so if you want more support with less coverage, Trunks are the ultimate piece of comfort. They can be the perfect companion while heading to the gym or for your formal wear.

The key to finding the perfect innerwear is understanding your body type and knowing what goes with it. From different fabrics to styles, there are a lot of options to choose from. For starters, ditch the synthetic fibre which traps moisture and heat, they are home to yeast infections and bacteria. Instead, go for materials like Micromodal which is 3X softer than cotton and it has moisture wicking properties to help you stay dry at all times. Uncomfortable waistbands are also a part of the common complaints from guys so prefer ones with Microfiber which can give you a good grip and can keep you absolutely rash free too. The moment you start understanding your body type and your body needs, only then you can find a tailor-made innerwear for you, the one that doesn’t bunch or gives you wedgies.

By Yogesh Kabra, Founder of XYXX

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