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The charm story (Links of Life)


Who said only diamonds are forever….

 Been around for centuries, a charm bracelet is an exquisite & magnificent accessory that goes well with every look.  You can add multiple personal decorative charms pendants which signify personal memories from your life.

 The charms symbolise a person’s unique taste, personality and experience, they are real examples of personalized jewellery. One can choose, combine and create these charms according to their mood and outfit.

 While, the concept is a craze in western countries, it is still gaining popularity and momentum in India. Silvostyle has launched “LINKS OF LIFE” where each charm is of special emotional significance to the person.

 ‘Links of Life’ as the name suggests is all about keeping your life’s bitter-sweet life experiences, moments, symbolizing that they stay with you forever.

 Over 2000 exquisitely crafted life charms tell a story, they can be added to your bracelet, chain, ring or earrings.

 Charms ranging from mini handbags to iconic structures like the Eiffel tower, made in Murano glass & cubic zirconia.  These charm bracelets add a new zing to your life.

So go ahead….. add on life to life  and gift yourself a charm today.

Style Quotient Jewellery Pvt Limited, a subsidiary of P.N. Gadgil Pvt Limited, has established Silvostyle who are creators of exquisite silver jewellery. It was launched in July 2014. This in-house brand is functioning under the leadership of Mr. Prasad Kapre, a world renowned visionary in the Indian Diamond Jewellery Industry. Silvostyle specializes in unswervingly creating unique and quirky oxidized and sterling jewellery pieces through techniques like tassel stamping, enameling as well as Jadau. Having their workshops located in Jaipur, Mumbai, Italy they are primed to revolutionize the silver jewellery segment through ‘Jewelvolution’ (Evolution of Jewellery). Catering to women from all walks of life their intricate and contemporary designs are chic yet affordable.

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