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The Chicest Clutch Trends to watch out for in 2020

Handbags have become more of a style accessory than a utility in today’s fashion world. Today, the fashion market offers unique, beautiful and elegant designs to quench the fashion thirst of every woman. Among the various types of bags that are available in the market, clutches are very much in trend these days. From our favourite Bollywood celebrities to the famous Hollywood divas, all of them sport clutch bags on the red carpet. Clutches can be worn on any occasion or event, whether it be a big fat Indian wedding, a cocktail party or a formal office party. From sophisticated designs to shimmering ones, you can find your preferred pick and define your style statement in your own way. Check out the chicest and the latest clutches on LLB that are trending in 2020.

Keep your fashion game strong with the latest designs and styles of clutches.

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If you too are looking for the chicest and latest clutches that are trending in 2020, take a look at the following:

Hat Box Clutches

The hat box was originally utilised as a type of luggage bag for transporting and distributing varieties of hats during the 19th century. The idea has been taken from there and has been redesigned in clutches to give it a chic and classy look. The hat box clutches are round or oval shaped, with a small handlebar at its head and features deep storage. The material of these bags is either hard cased or woven leather which gives it a formal as well as stylish look.

Minaudiere Clutches

The Minaudiere Clutch was first designed by famous luxury jewellery company Van Cleef & Arpels in 1930 who took inspiration for their design from a metal cigarette case. These clutches are literally designed like a cigarette box with metallic materials. It’s decorated with glitters, pearls, antic work, stones, and more, which give it a royal and retro look. A chain strap is attached to these clutches to enhance the look and make it more elegant. These clutches are, however, very lightweight and dainty and must only be used for carrying cash, credit cards, lipsticks and such lightweight things only. Minaudiere clutches are the talk of the town in 2020 for sure!

Pochette Clutches

The term “Pochette” is the French term of what we call pouch in English. The Pochette clutches were brought into the fashion market largely by Louis Vuitton who made this style a popular design in the genre of clutches. These clutches are like a pouch that has usually one single compartment and it comes with swift zip closure. With a long chain or leather strap, these clutches can be opted for any kind of parties or social gatherings.

Wristlet Clutches

Wristlet clutches are one of the new styles that are trending in 2020 because of its chic and formal design. These clutches are usually made with leather material that gives it a semi-hard surface and texture. A small wristband type of strap is attached to it that can be worn on the wrist to tuck the clutch safely with the person carrying it. Although a lot of brands do offer a long strap with it, its small and confined design make it apt for a wristlet only.

Knot clutches

Commonly known as a potli bag, these knot clutches redesign and modernize the Indian traditional style of potlis. These clutches are made with cloth materials usually, but the newest designs of 2020 also include knot clutches that are made with soft and shiny leather. The knot clutch is tied with a string at its neck in the old style, and also comes with a strap that can be used to hang these clutch bags on your shoulder. For those who love to keep their traditional touch in their style statement, can definitely try these knot clutch bags.

Box Clutches

Box clutches come in a variety of designs, styles and sizes which vary from that of a pencil box to a tiffin box. The pencil box clutch designs are very chic and stylish. It comes with curved metallic surfaces that give it a good grip to hold as well as enough space to keep essential belongings. There is another design which is more like a cubical tiffin box and it comes with a shiny metallic surface that gives it a hard texture. These clutches are embellished with stones, pearls, beads etc. making them look extremely gorgeous. These clutches are the best picks in 2020 for all the glamorous divas.

Following the footnotes of the fashionistas of our fashion industry is extremely important to stay updated about the new trends and styles. Making a unique style statement while keeping the latest fashion in touch, makes you stand out of the ordinary ones. So, why stay a step backwards when it comes to handbags? Enhance your look with the latest clutches andbe the centre of attraction everywhere you go.

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