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The cleanest and dirtiest railway stations in India

As part of the ‘Swachh Rail’ campaign, the Union Railway Ministry has conducted a survey on the cleanest and dirtiest railway stations in the country. The survey was managed by the Quality Council of India and various parameters were used to assess the cleanliness of railway stations such as condition of toilets at platforms, management of tracks and dustbins, etc. The results of the survey were released today by Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu. The survey has found that the cleanest railway station among the 75 busiest railway stations in the country was the Visakhapatnam railway station in Andhra Pradesh. The next in the list were Secunderabad, Jammu, Ahmedanagar and Anand Vihar railway stations.

Among the other busy stations that were surveyed include Varanasi, which was ranked 14th; Nizamuddin railway station at 23rd; Old Delhi railway station at 24th; and New Delhi at 39th. The lowest ranked railway station in terms of cleanliness was Darbhanga railway station in Bihar. These results are specific to all the A1 stations, which are classified as those that contribute more than Rs 50 crore in revenue every year. The Railways Ministry’s next plan is to conduct a survey of the cleanest trains in the country. Around 200 trains are expected to be part of this proposed survey.

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