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The countdown has begun for GIIFFA; don’t miss it – June 9 to 11

The moment we all have been waiting for is now closer than ever, and it’s time you got ready for one of the most exciting times of your life. GIIFFA, India’s biggest international film festival & awards goes live from June 9, which is like just 5 days left. So, grab your FREE passes if you haven’t already. The fun starts the coming Friday and it will continue through the weekend till June 11. Two screens, 3 super exciting days, 8 leading performers, 20 renowned jury members and more than 1000 movies from professionals around the world. GIIFFA is huge and the diversity it offers is unparalleled, something that is certainly not to be missed.

GIIFFA is where you get to experience entirely new flavors of global cinema. This is not your everyday Bollywood or Hollywood masala, but something far more refreshing and authentic, and yes, straight from the heart. There are riveting short films, insightful documentaries, enthralling animation, and pulsating music videos, created by some of the most talented individuals across schools, colleges, universities, academies, institutes, production houses and studios. GIIFFA will also screen some of the masterly work of independent filmmakers who are known for their creative streak and their ability to share a new perspective with the audience.

And it’s not just about the pleasure of watching some great stuff; GIIFFA is also about learning from talented individuals from across the globe. You get to know what inspires these people to take the road less travelled and what powers their groundbreaking ideas and creativity. GIIFFA is also the place where you get to experience the charms of leading celebrities such as Gulshan Grover, Purab Kohli, Rajit Kapoor, Vivek Agnihotri, Sunil Manchanda, Divya Seth Shah, Juhi Parmar, Ismail Darbar, Harman Baweja, Tapas Sen, Prabhu Chawla, Malcolm Nicolson, Saad Gouda, etc. These celebrated individuals will be part of the eminent jury, and it would be an interesting experience to see them choose the top entries at GIIFFA.

To top it all, the GIIFFA Awards Night is slated to be the grandest event in the city on June 11. This is where you get to experience a wide variety of scintillating performances by leading artists and singers. This is where the winners will grab the trophies and stake their claim to global recognition and some cool cash prizes as well.  

Be there! Don’t Miss it! GIIFFA, India’s biggest international film festival & awards – June 9 to 11.

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