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The Craze of studying engineering or Medicals in India – A personal Viewpoint


So, in India, there are primarily two basic career choices after the class tenth. You either join FITJEE or AAKASH. Yes, perhaps you have guessed it right- Doctors and Engineers are the only two professions available to an Indian student. Hypothetically speaking, if any Indian student goes to the Kaun Banega Crorepati show and faces the question “Which profession you want to select?”; I can bet that the quiz master himself will answer the question in favor of the contestant. And the few who studies basic sciences are assumed to be outcasts by these aspiring engineers and doctors. This is not the end. The rest who persues commerce or arts are considered to be untouchables sort off by these mentioned elite class.

I know the above paragraph seems hilarious, but the issue is not as funny as it seems. A primary question which strikes my mind is that “Does a medical college or an engineering college have a large number of seats as compared to any basic science college?” The answer is a big NO. There are indeed thousands of private engineering colleges some of which you have never heard of instance ‘Baba Bholenath College of Engineering and Management’. Keeping all these institutions aside, practically speaking the seats for prestigious basic science colleges are more or less equal as compared to any top notched engineering colleges or medical colleges. But still, then people are just crazy for Engineering and Medical.

Here is why

  1. We are Mad

We are typically mad over institutes like IITs, NITs, and Universities like JNU, DTU, JU, CU, and JMI.  We tend to forget our dreams, our ambitions, and our stars and instead turn out to be the prey for examinations like JEE mains and Advanced.

  1. Illogical Theorem

We have created a beautiful theorem that if a student is good at mathematics he should persue engineering and if the students good at biology, he should peruse Medicals. Indians do not have any intermediates to the theorem too, like what happens if a student loves Physics?

  1. The falsifying hope that Engineering=Job

Who said you can’t get a job by persuing any other science stream or arts stream? Every day we read about headlines which speak about ‘Job Crisis’ and still boast on the fact that my child will get a job after 4 years.

  1. Marketing is done by FIITJEE and AAKASH

“50000 students cracked JEE 2018. Join us to be a part of the 2019 revolution”. We just love these statements but wait, the seats at the institutions are constant, and then how come 50000 kids get into engineering?

  1. The flawed ego system

We think that Engineers and doctors occupy the top of the food chain, which is absolutely wrong. Ten years down the line you will find working under a basic science graduate.

  1. Family Pressure

Our family, especially the middle-class ones have that conservative belief that only Engineers and Doctors can earn money. I mean they proclaim the sentence in such a way that it is a shameful act to study B.Sc.

I would like to conclude by saying that I am also a student perusing engineering who has fallen into this decorated and creampie trap.  But I would like to add that I do love my stream and thanks to my department for making me fall in love with the stream.

Suggestion- Do pursue what you want. You do not have to be an engineer to earn money nor will money flow to you only if you are an Engineer. Love yourself, Love your dreams and there you are with your ambitions ready.


By : Sayan Basak


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