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The end may be near for ISIS in Mosul

Just a couple of years back, the second-largest Iraqi city of Mosul was considered a stronghold of militant organization ISIS. However, coalition forces have fought a tough battle in the last two years and are now close to a victory. The coalition forces have surrounded the city of Mosul from all sides and are consistently moving ahead to reclaim more parts of the besieged city. It has been reported that ISIS militants have been cut off from each other and they are fighting in isolated groups. Iraqi army officials claim that ISIS leaders are fleeing the city of Mosul and there is widespread shock, confusion and the sense of defeat among ISIS militants.

The eastern part of Mosul was recaptured by Iraqi forces a few weeks back. It was a big achievement for coalition forces and now the focus is to eliminate the terrorists operating in the western part of the city. However, the movement of coalition forces has been slow because ISIS has often used suicide bombers, booby traps, and improvised explosive devices.

ISIS controlled areas of Mosul are witnessing heavy bombardment by coalition forces. Due to the ongoing fight, a vast number of people have been displaced, something that has raised humanitarian concerns. Estimates suggest that nearly 14,000 people have left the western parts of Mosul since February 19, the day the Iraqi forces launched the operation to free the city from ISIS control.

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