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The fading Silhouette

On the top of the hill I see a light, sometimes dim and sometimes bright. A small house is the source of this light, and my li’l girl wants to go there with her full might.

Seeing her desperation I decide to take her to the house, and my intuition was telling that there is someone waiting for me in the dark night!

As I near the house, I feel my heartbeats racing up! I look back and find my darling sleeping peacefully on the back seat.

Suddenly, at a distance I see a silhouette, looking like that of a pale woman! She wanted to say something but was unable to, was trying to show me something in the direction of the house. But before I could stop the car, it faded away!

Confused and puzzled, I pushed the accelerator hard to reach the house without wasting any time.

And I see it again! Following the car, desperately! But this time something was different.  I saw tears in her eyes! And there was urgency too!

The car stopped with a screeching sound, and I rushed inside the house. I heard no sound, rather the house was silent like death.

In the eerie silence I saw a half open door to a room. And there I found the mystery behind the silhouette.

In the corner of the room I found two eyes looking in my direction.  It was a baby! And lying beside it, was a woman. Yes, the same woman! The one, whose silhouette was following me. But here was a perfect body, lifeless and resting in peace!

I carried the baby in my arms and turned towards the door. And standing in the middle of it was my angel! Looking at me with her innocent eyes filled with questions.  And just behind her, I see the silhouette again! Looking directly into my eyes! There was pain in her eyes!

With a blink of my eyes I understood what she wanted. With a nod, I showed my agreement and that was when I saw her fading away!


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